At Chapman Global Medical Center, our caring team works collaboratively with families and loved ones through integrated programs that offer medical, social, emotional, and psychiatric support unique to the needs of seniors.

Our Senior Behavioral Health Program serves patients aged 55 years and older with acute behavioral issues. Physicians and staff members treat patients with a variety of illnesses including mood disorders, acute psychosis, major depression, anxiety, and adjustment disorders of aging and early dementia. It includes individualized assessment and treatment planning, therapeutic daily activities, and comprehensive discharge planning. The multidisciplinary team includes psychiatrists, internal medicine physicians, psychologists, social workers, psychiatric nurses, registered nutritionists, physical, recreational, and occupational therapists. In addition, we provide new and innovative treatment modalities such as music, art, and recreational and occupational therapy.

We encourage family members to participate in decision making and discharge planning, as they are crucial to the treatment team and support for the patient. This promotes the patient’s progress and successful transitions post-discharge.  

Our Senior Behavioral Health Unit is an involuntary program where Medicare and many health plans are accepted.

For more information on our Senior Mental Health Program please call (714) 633-0011 ext.1221.